Privacy and Policy

ADA compliance services include a set of privacy policies for the users. These moralities apply to everyone using the services. Also, the individuals and website owners using any benefit from the site are liable to abide by the undermentioned policies. You, too, consent to disclose your personal information whether you register or don’t sign up for our website.

At ADASC (‘ADA Site Compliance’), we want you to understand the way we collect the information backed with use and disclosure of the facts. At ADA compliance services, we aim to maintain your trust with our decent privacy policy.

Our privacy policy will include the collection of information from several sources such as electronic newsletters, websites, social media, digital products, widgets, etc.  

The policy description covers how we compile and handle the personal information of several users and visitors of the website. You will get the facts about general practices of ADASC that deals with details like demographics, use of services, etc. All these are the reports collected from the devices, sites, third parties, etc. The privacy will be incorporated to several users’ accounts, etc.

As soon as you click the agree button under the ‘privacy policy, you agree to the privacy policies and the terms of services that are mentioned on our website.

There is another way to opt, i.e. opting not to submit the requested information online. But, this has a con, i.e. you will get the limited ADASC service. 

Our services restrict minors from the list and make sure no personal information is collected from individuals under 18 years. Also, we request people below this age range not to provide their data.

Types of information we collect

The information that we collect is as follows:

  1. Personal information– Under this section of the information collection, users will be identified as individuals with names and postal addresses. It will also include the debit and the user’s credit card number. In addition, the personal information consists of the profile picture and the person’s email address.
  2. User’s personal information– We also collect some personal information from the users such as:
  • Your subscription to certain products/services
  • User registering for
  • Profile creation
  • Survey
  • Participation in the community forum

Information from third parties- We are likely to receive personal information about you even from the third parties. These third-party sources include:

  • Commercial sources
  • Social media sites
  • ASC affiliates
  • Business partners, etc

Personal financial information– We may also use unaffiliated payment services to purchase a product or make a payment for services. If you are interested in buying using such payment services, our system creates a redirect to the specific website. There will be payment service privacy which the user needs to adhere to. In such cases we won’t be liable or responsible for any of your payment information collected. 

Other information that we collect automatically- The users staying online accessing several websites may furnish some information that the sites asks. Even for our website it will be true. The site will automatically collect some of the information irrespective of your awareness. For example, in order to profile you with the permit of accessing the website, the server will record the information about your IP address, browsing style, software and hardware information. 

Also, suppose you access the website with the help of your smartphone. In that case, we will ask for the unique device identifier (UDID) to extract information about the transactional and geolocational data.

Cookies and Tracking

We collect information on how our websites and emails are used using cookies or other tools such as Scripting, reCaptcha, and Website Analytics alone or in combination with cookies.

Our website may set a cookie on your browser, enabling us to gather information about your activity on our and other websites. This enables us to adapt our website to our users’ specific needs.

Additionally, utilizes remarketing tracking cookies from third-party vendors. This means we can continue to serve you advertisements around the internet. As always, we value your privacy and not collect any personally identifiable information via Google’s or another third-party remarketing system.

ADASC protects Personal Details in its possession using a mixture of administrative, technical, people, and physical safeguards against loss, theft, and unauthorized use, disclosure, or alteration. We encrypt all Personal Information requested via Secure Socket Layer (SSL). However, none of us can ensure that your information is entirely secure. If you do have reason to think that your connection with others is no longer safe (for instance, if you believe the security of every account you may have with us was compromised), please alert us immediately by following the procedures below.

Data Storage Location 

Your Personal Data may be stored, transmitted to, and analyzed in just about any country where we operate facilities or employ providers. But using our items/solutions, you provide consent to the processing and the transfer of data to countries from outside your place of citizenship, such as the United States, that may have different data protection laws than your country.

Retention of Data 

We will retain your Personal Info till the time it accomplishes the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, unless a long residence period is needed or permitted by law.

Connected Services 

Additionally, the Services may be connected to third-party websites that may contain advertisements or feature content, promotional deals, or features generated and managed by third parties. Several of these third-party websites may bear the ADASC emblem even though they are not controlled or managed by us.

How Long Will We Keep Your Data?

We will retain your sensitive data as long as necessary to comply with legal, accounting, and reporting requirements. While calculating the probable retention period for your personal information, we examine the kind and amounts of material, the sensitivity or potential hazards, and the data’s relevance.

If you post a comment, both the statement and its information are permanently stored. 

This enables us to instantly recognize and approve any subsequent comments rather than holding them in a moderation queue.

ADA compliance services also keep the personal info that users supply in their user profile if they register on this website (if any). At any moment, users can see, modify, or delete their personal information. Additionally, website administrators can view and edit this information.

Policy on visitors leaving a comment

When visitors leave a comment on the site, we may collect data indicated in the remarks form and the visitor’s IP address and internet user agent strings to assist with spam identification. 

Additionally, any comments made on the website remain publicly visible and can be viewed by other site visitors. If you post a remark on our site, you can opt-in to our cookies saving your identity, email address, and website. This is for your convenience to avoid re-enter your information each time you write another remark. These cookies usually come with a shelf life of one year. We make use of a third-party comments system called Disqus.

Policy on media and images

If you publish images to your website, avoid including embedded geolocation (EXIF GPS). Web users can download and retrieve any location data contained in the photographs on the site.

Content from these other websites that has been embedded: This site’s articles may include related content (e.g. videos, images, articles, images etc.). 

These websites are likely to get info about you, utilize cookies, incorporate extra third-party tracking, and analyze your interaction with embedded material, including tracking any interaction with both the ability to personalize if you have a login and are logged into to this website.

Why and with whom do we share your information?

Compliance Monitor may share your personal information with other businesses and service providers for the following purposes: to handle billing problems and collections, to analyze and manage data, to send out emails, and to host our website. Among the service providers are HubSpot and Hotjar.

If we are required to reveal information to comply with a legal and regulatory duty, such as suspected fraud, to prevent physical damage, or to prevent other criminal acts, we will do so.

We have no control over the behaviour of third parties. The use of your personal data by any third parties to whom you gain access from our site is regulated by the privacy policies of those third parties. We recommend you exercise caution and seek clarification before releasing your personal information to others.

Agents and Independent Contractors

ADA compliance services may employ third-party organizations, agents, or contractors (“vendors”) to assist with the website’s internal operations and payment processing. These suppliers may contact your personally identifiable information in the course of doing so. 

However, we grant them accessibility to (or authorize them to gather on our behalf) only the information necessary to accomplish the specific duties for which they have been hired. Additionally, they have committed to safeguarding the security and confidentiality of this information.

Additionally, ADA compliance services may employ analytical tools that require the transfer and/or storage of data about you and your activities on devices and services that are not under the control of Be Accessible, Inc. For instance, using Web Analytics, a web analytics service supplied by Google Inc. (“Google”), necessitates transmitting and storing certain facts about your activity on Google servers.

As ordered by Be Visible, Inc., Google will be using this information to analyze how our services are used. Also, we send requests to provide reports on website activity and/or perform other tasks. Any information acquired about you by Google Analytics (or other third-party applications) will remain uncombined with Google’s other data.

Transfers of Legal and Business Property

ADA compliance services may disclose personally-identifying information if required to do this by law. Also, if we believe that such action is sparsely essential to comply with legal procedures and respond to every claim, we will proceed with the legal process. To secure the lives or rights of Be Obtainable, Inc., its partner organizations, or the general public, we may take legal steps.